Sponsoring a camper

Information on how to reserve a place in Hog Island programs for a scholarship recipient.

Registration for 2024 opened on Monday, November 13, 2023, at 1pm EST.


We are modifying how we register sponsors and this is evolving. We appreciate your patience through this process!

When registering, please put first name: Organization's name and last name: Scholarship #1.  If you do more than one scholarship it would be the same naming convention but with Scholarship #2 as the last name.

Payment options: We now offer a wonderful feature in CampDoc that allows our customers to pay using their bank account or by credit card.  For this reason, we will no longer be accepting checks.  Please have your routing and account information ready at registration to pay using your bank account.  

If you come across any bugs or issues, please email:

If your organization is offering a scholarship, you may reserve a place in a program with a $100 deposit, prior to knowing who will receive the scholarship by following the information above. 

New to offering a scholarship to Hog Island? If your group has not offered a scholarship to Hog Island in the past 3 years, we have $250 of matching funds available for nonprofit (501c3) organizations that would like to offer a scholarship in one of our programs. Your organization does not need to be affiliated with Audubon to qualify. To receive the matching funds, send an email indicating what organization you are representing and and we will apply the $250 matching funds to your reservation once you have paid the $250 with a credit card over the phone. The $100 deposit counts toward the $250 total. Contact our staff at or (207) 360-7733, with any questions about eligibility or the reservation process.

Programs with registration through Holbrook Travel for our Costa Rica Teen camp should email to discuss matching funds.

Departing for a field trip Photo: Eva Matthews

"When I came to Hog island I didn't know what to expect. Five days later I had been rewarded with the most transformative professional development experiences I have had as a teacher."
– John, scholarship recipient, Sharing Nature: An Educator's Week

Set your application deadlines appropriately to have the selected participant's information to us by March 15th. This year we will ask that sponsoring organizations fill out a google form with their winner's information. See the cancellation policies for full terms and refund information (same as individual registrations). Alternatively, if the scholarship winner has already been chosen, you can request that individuals register on their own and then reimburse them directly. The person or group that makes the registration will be responsible for full payment of the balance by March 15th. If the camper registers on their own, we appreciate knowing your group that sponsored them in the program.

For more information on how to be added to the scholarship page, contact us at

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