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Identifying Birds of Prey: Part I:  Vultures, Harriers, Osprey, Kites, and Accipiters—Stephen Kress. 30 minutes

Identifying Birds of Prey: Part II:  Buteos, Eagles, Falcons, and Caracara —Stephen Kress. 26 minutes.
Learn to identify North American raptors with surprising facts about each species.

Learning to Look at Raptors—Richard Crossley
Hundreds of hawk photos grace the pages of Richard Crossley’s remarkable raptor guide that shows every raptor in nearly every posture. Learn to look at and enjoy raptors with new appreciation. 50 minutes

Birds of Prey: Hawk Watching Tips and Stories—Pete Dunne
Master storyteller and dean of hawk watchers, Pete Dunne shares his wisdom about identifying hawks on the wing, raptor conservation and tales from his hawk watching days. 30 minutes

Raptors: The Diurnal Birds of Prey—Rob Bierregaard
In this lecture, Dr. Bierregaard offers an introduction to the natural history of hawks, eagles and vultures. His talk focuses on behavior, family life and adaptations for predation and flight.  50 minutes.

Owls: Soul of the Night—Scott Weidensaul
Learn how owls live, find food and migrate while we sleep. Author Scott Weidensaul’s inspiring message of awe for owls is also packed with “wow!” facts about these mysterious birds.  37 minutes

Searching for Saw-whets—Scott Weidensaul
Author and owl researcher Scott Weidensaul shares recently discovered details about the  surprising behavior and migration of this tiny, compelling owl. 33 minutes

Project SNOWstorm—Scott Weidensaul
Recent research has uncovered some of the remarkable behavior of the Snowy Owl, with new insight into their vulnerability to climate change. 71 minutes.

There and Back Again: Satellite Studies of Osprey Biology—Rob Bierregaard
Dr. Bierregaard imparts his discoveries about the challenges of Osprey migration and the wonder of Ospreys. 63 minutes.

Falcon Fever—Tim Gallagher
Author and falconer Tim Gallagher shares how his passion for flying hawks sent him on a quest to Europe and the Middle East to learn more about the history of falconry. 58 minutes


Osprey Banding: Dr. Bierregaard climbs up to the Hog Island osprey nest and lowers two chicks for banding. 13 minutes.

Raptor Skeletons: Learn how hawk and owl skeletons help raptors capture prey. 34 minutes.

Owl Pellet Dissection: An examination reveals many surprises in pellets collected from Snowy, Barn and Great Horned Owls. 13 minutes

Osprey Necropsy: A predated osprey chick becomes the subject of an impromptu lesson in internal anatomy. 37 minutes


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