Frequently Asked Questions for Online Programs

Answers to common questions about our online programs.
  1. Is this a self-paced course and when do we get the materials?
    You are given a link and password to the program after registering online. This is a self-paced program.
  2. How long do we have the course lectures and materials?
    These materials are available to view for 6 months from the ending of the registration period.  
  3. What exactly do I get for my payment?
    Five illustrated lectures (each about 45 minutes long) and four bonus Labs (15-30 minutes long) from Hog Island Audubon Camp instructors. Quizzes and reading materials accompany each lecture. 
  4. Are their scholarships for this program?
    There is a discount for earlybird registrations but no scholarships are provided.
  5. What ages is this course appropriate for?
    This course is appropriate for all ages, including children and teens with a passion for birds. This is a self-paced program and the lectures and quizzes can be viewed repeatedly.
  6. How do we navigate back to the main course page from the lecture pages?
    To navigate back to the maine course landing page you can click on "Online Programs" link at the top of each lecture page.
  7. Who do I contact if I have a problem accessing the materials or lectures?
    Contact Eva Matthews Lark at
  8. What happens if I need an extension to view the course?
    The course is provided for six months from the May registration deadline. This should give anyone ample time to review the materials and watch the lectures.
  9. Do you provide refunds?
    We do not provide refunds for this course.
  10. How do I give this course as a gift?
    You can create a login and sign up others as a gift. Please make sure you forward them any emails that contain passwords and links to the course materials.
  11. Is there a deadline for registering?
    The deadline for registering for Raptor Rapture online is May 1.
  12. What is the registration fee?
    The early bird registration fee through March 1 is $89. After March 1, the registration fee is $99.

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