Artist Application

Residency applications for 2024 are OPEN! Deadline to apply is February 1, 2024.

The Bingham Cottages are historic and delicate structures that will provide Residents with a unique experience. The rustic nature of the facility means that it is not for everyone, so please take note of the following details and be sure the situation will work for you before applying. 

Also, applicants should be in good health and should be able to regularly walk the 6/10-mile uneven wooded path to the main campus for services. This may include walking the trail alone after dark. Expect solitude and immersion in nature, including varied weather and the possibility of ticks and mosquitoes.

Additional details:

1) At its nearest point, Hog Island is approximately ¼ mile from the mainland. There is no regular scheduled boat between the island and the mainland, but camp staff can get you back and forth if necessary. Residents who are comfortable with ocean navigation are welcome to bring a kayak and tie up at the cottages for their own transportation and at their own risk.

2) Residents are responsible for getting themselves to the Audubon camp’s mainland dock, where Audubon staff will pick them up for transportation to the island. Parking is available on the camp’s mainland property.

3) There is no running water at the Bingham Cottages residency site. Drinking water will be provided in coolers. Toilet facility at the Cottages is an outhouse (outdoor, covered toilet). Showers and flush toilets are available at the Audubon camp, approximately 6/10-mile away by hiking trail.

4) There are no cooking facilities at the Bingham Cottages site. We encourage the Resident to feel welcome as an active member of the camp community and to join the camp for the evening meal. Breakfast and lunch food, that can be stored in a cooler, will be provided.

5) The Writer’s Cabin is equipped with bed, desk, and chair. The Lodge is a single large room with table, two small sofas, and chairs. Bedsheets, blankets, and pillow are provided.

6) Minimal electricity is available at the Main Lodge via small solar panel. One power outlet will charge a cell phone or laptop and small LED lamps.

7) Smoking is not allowed on the island.

8) Pets are not allowed on the island.

9) Cell phone service is limited across the island. There is no internet service at the Cottages, but WIFI is available at the Audubon Camp.

10) The Todd Wildlife Sanctuary is open to the public during daylight hours and participants in Audubon camps will be using the trails regularly. Privacy signs will be posted on the buildings while Resident is present, but be aware people may be hiking past the cottages from time to time.

11) While there is no charge for the residency, we reserve the right to bill you for any physical damage to the building, grounds, or property during your stay, excluding ordinary wear and tear.

12) The facility is not wheelchair accessible.

13) All residents must abide by our current Camper Guidelines.

Audubon Artist Residency will provide:

1) Private lodging and workspace in the Bingham Cottages site for a 2-3 week period. This includes the Writer’s Cabin, Main Lodge, and outhouse.

2) Meals as described above.

3) Staff support for facility maintenance.

4) Unrestricted work time.

5) Bedding, towels. Weekly use of laundry facility is available.

Artist-in-Residence will provide:

1) One camp presentation during each approximately two-week stay: This may be a workshop, demonstration, reading, or lecture. Please feel free to propose ideas to the Island staff.

2) One completed work to be donated to the National Audubon Society to help support and promote this residency. This will be assessed on a case-by-case basis considering medium and duration of residency.

3) Resident should be willing to interact cordially with island visitors and campers during meals or while in the field.

4) The Audubon Residency at Hog Island provides no stipends. Residents are responsible for their own personal items and for any expenses relating to the cost of producing artwork while in the program. Travel and any expenses for shipping personal/work materials to and from the mainland dock are also the responsibility of the Resident.

Application Requirements

One Artist-in-Residence will be selected for each available residency period.  A panel of working artists and Audubon staff review all applications and will select the Residents. Artists must be at least 21 years of age to apply. 

All materials and application fee must be received by the February 1st deadline.

Invited Residents will be notified by early March.

Apply online!

Application Checklist

____ Complete the online application and submit the non-refundable application fee of $40. Please read all information above before applying.          

 ____ Submit supporting materials to Preferred format for text documents: .doc or .pdf

1) Resume including exhibits, publications, and/or performances - not exceeding four pages.

2) Statement of Intent for Residency – not exceeding one double-spaced page. Include description of programming you will offer.

3) For 2024 we have THREE Residencies available: July 14-26, 2024, August 4-16, 2024 and September 1-13, 2024

4) Samples of artistic work (as described below)

  • Visual Artists (painters, sculptors, photographers, printmakers, mixed media artists, etc.) 6 images, jpg format, each image should be at least 1920 pixels on the longest side and not exceed 1 MB.
  • Literary Artists (writers, poets, etc.)  4 -6 samples, not to exceed 6 pages
  • Musicians, Composers, & Sound Artists  3 compositions not to exceed a total of 10 minutes.**
  • Performance Artists, Film Makers, and Videographers  3 productions not to exceed a total of 10 minutes.**

*Audio and Video artists note: A/V files are likely too large to send via email. If your samples can be found online, please indicate this and include links in your email when you submit your Resume and Statement. If your samples are not available online, please indicate this in your email and we will contact you about submitting the files either as an upload or by regular mail. Please allow enough time before the February 1st deadline to make this happen! 

Download this information as a PDF file

Sean Murtha paints a classic Hog Island sunset. Photo: Eva Matthews

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