2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Here are a few recommendations this holiday season from our friends and partners.

Stay warm this winter with a Hog Isand Fleece Hat:

Cozy up by a fire and read Christian Hagenlocher's new book Falcon Freeway. There's even a chapter about Hog Island included in Christian's account of his big year birding:

Our 2019 artist-in-residence Rosalie Haizlett has created some beautiful maps of Hog Island and Eastern Egg Rock. Check out her online store for a full selection: 

Support Hog Island with a donation to the Friends of Hog Island:

The online Project Puffin store not only will keep you well stocked this holiday season but all the proceeds go to support seabird researcch and education. Support Hog Island and Project Puffin with your online purchases:

Our Aritst-in-residence coordinator and Hog Island instructor Sherrie York has some of her smaller works for sell online.  Check out her linocuts and support a Maine artist!

Support seabirds and adorn your tree this year with a unique Least Tern Tree Topper! This decoys are made in Maine by our research staff:

Zeiss is a top tier optic company AND they support Hog Island Audubon Camp by donating optics for our staff and campers.  Give yourself or a loved one the gift of Zeiss optics this holiday season! You can order them online from our friends at Redstart Birding:

The best coffee in the world is shade-grown Birds & Beans Coffee:  You can order your own bag online and if you use the FOHI promo code you get a special discount: 555FOHIcoffee.  Give a little bit of Hog Island flavor to your holiday cup by purchasing our favorite, the Scarlet Tanager roast.

Michael Boardman is a local Maine artist and a former Hog Island Audubon Camp artist-in-residence.  Purchase his puffin shirt  at our online store or see his full selection at his website:

If you're looking to add a book to your bird library look no further than the Crossley Guides. Richard is a wonderful Hog Island instructor and his illustrated guides are not only eye-catching but will help you improve your bird identification skills.

Help a young birder come to camp buy purchasing one of her homemade designs:

What better treat than a Bixby chocolate puffin for the stocking! Bixby & Co. is a family-owned confectionery manufacturer making ethically produced chocolate on the working waterfront in Rockland, Maine.:

Photo: Derrick Jakcson

Adopt-a-Puffin from Project Puffin and support seabirds:

It's wintertime and Hog Island Audubon Camp is closed until spring but that doesn't mean you can transport yourself to camp with the wonderful Raptor Rapture Online Course! Learn more about raptors from some of Hog Island's best instructors including Richard Crossley, Scott Wiedensaul, Pete Dunne, Tim Gallagher, Rob Bierregaard and Stephen Kress.

We may be biased but gifting a week to Hog Island may be the best gift of the season. Feel free to sign up a loved one online or consider sponsoring a camper with a scholarship.  Here's an easy-to-download certificate to include under the tree:

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