Joy of Birding

Have you been hoping to find a hands-on way to build upon your skills as a birder while increasing your joy and overall wellbeing? If so, then this session is for you!

All participants must agree to the COVID-19 Camp Guidelines - please read before registering.

June 5 to 10, 2022

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Join us to better understand birds while expanding upon your skills in identifying by sight and by ear. Surround yourself in the splendors and nurturing land and seascapes of coastal Maine, while living on a quiet island surrounded by birds. 

With a multi-talented staff to help guide you, the emphasis will focus on building upon your birding skills to enhance your joy of birding, while showing you some of the iconic coastal Maine bird life. Think puffins, terns, guillemots, warblers, Bobolinks, and more!

We’ll provide engaging workshops, field trips, and programs each day, offering you a front-row -view to dynamic seabird colonies, lush summer landscapes on the mainland, and the rich and historic forests and trails that exist on Hog Island itself.

We’ll spotlight: Birding by Ear, Field Trip Leadership Skills, Optimizing Optics, Using Apps for Birding, understanding Feathers, Birding Ethics, Community/Citizen Science, Mind+ Body Birding, and more. You will take-away new birding tools and expand on those you already have – useful for wherever you go.

Come join us and experience the transformative magic of Hog Island Camp. Absorb nature’s rich boost of relaxation, a renewed sense of wonder and discovery, while learning with new friends. It will be a joy that will last a lifetime.

Photo: Jean Hall

Prices: Below are listed per person and include meals, housing, instruction, and all boat trips. Participants must arrange transportation to and from the Audubon dock in Bremen at the start and end of the session (see directions page). Check with your local Audubon chapter or bird club to see if scholarships are available.

$1690 Standard Room: shared room (2 twin beds), shared bathroom
$1590 Shared loft (women's only)
$1840 Puffin Room in the Crow's Nest, 2 twin beds, private 1/2 bath (dbl occupancy)
$1940 Single room, shared bathroom
$1940 Osprey RoomEider room, or Guillemot room, 2 twin beds, private bathroom (dbl occupancy)
$2190 Helm Cabin, 1 queen bed, 1 twin bed, private bathrooms (dbl occupancy) 

"All mind-bogglingly wonderful! I had such a great time. I not only learned a lot, but it hit me for the first time, how much the birding leaders know: Weather, geology, geography, botany, entomology, predator-prey relationships........egad! I was frankly a little awed by being in the presence of such great leaders in the field. So impressive!" - Jan, occupational therapist, Connecticut

Questions: For questions regarding the program, registration, lodging or meals, contact the Audubon Camp program manager at or (843) 340-8673. Additional information about accommodations can be found on the lodging and frequently asked questions pages.

Please note that for these programs, there are NO prerequisites, and less experienced/enthusiastic spouses/friends are more than welcome to enroll in all sessions!

Housing Waitlist
If the housing of choice is not available, please put yourself on the Housing Waitlist. In case of cancellations, we will notify you of the upgrade options.

Questions: For questions regarding the program, registration, lodging or meals, contact the Hog Island staff at or (207) 360-7733. Additional information can be found on the lodging and frequently asked questions page.

Please note that there are NO prerequisites for these programs and less experienced/enthusiastic spouses/friends are more than welcome to enroll in all sessions!

Holly MerkerBirding Guide, Author, and Educator

Dr. Charles DuncanFormer directorManomet Shorebird Recovery Project
Laura Blutstein, Maine Birder
Whitney Lanfranco, Nature Sales Manager, Leica Sports Optics
Corey Husic, Graduate Student
Alec Wyatt, Junior Instructor

Guest Instructors
Eric SnyderTodd Wildlife Santuary Facilities ManagerSeabird Institute
Eva Matthews LarkHog Island Program Manager and Costa Rica Teen Director

Photo: Jean Hall
Photo: Jean Hall
Photo: Scott Weidensaul
Snowgoose III transporting campers to Hog Island. Photo: Jean Hall

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