Raptor Rapture Online

Recorded sessions from the Hog Island Audubon Camp.
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Learn about the remarkable lives of Birds of Prey from renowned raptor researchers and engaging ornithologists at your leisure and in your home. 

Five 60 minute lectures
The lecturers and topics:

Lecture 1:  Stephen Kress (‘Identifying Hawks, Vultures and Falcons’)
Lecture 2:  Scott Weidensaul (‘The Wonders of Snowy Owl Migration’)
Lecture 3:  Rob Bierregaard (‘Raptor Biology 101’)
Lecture 4:  Rob Bierregaard (‘Discoveries and Mysteries of Osprey Migration’)
Lecture 5:  Tim Gallagher (‘Falcon Fever’)

Bonus features: Laboratory sessions on raptor skeletons and owl pellet dissection with Rob Bierregaard and Iain MacLeod
Quizzes (with answers for review)
Recommended books and supplemental readings
View the lectures and laboratory sessions for six months
Cost: $99


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