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Tern the Page is a book club for bird enthusiasts around the world.  Join us as we explore four bird and nature themed books by Hog Island Audubon Camp instructors.  Each month we will host a book club meeting and then a separate "Meet the Author" session for the book.  This is not your traditional book club though! We will start off with the newly released field guide from Peter Vickery which is rich in Maine's natural history, explore Drew Lanham's story growing up with nature in the South, dive into how to connect to nature through art with Jean Mackay and end our club with Scott Weidensaul's new bird migration book.  Each author has a special connection to Hog Island and our history. 

Included in the price of the club:

  • Four books shipped directly to your home
  • Invitations to all 8 book club meetings
  • Signed Scott Weidensaul book plate
  • Tern the Page bookmark
  • Exclusive book club content online

Purchase the book club for $175* - includes shipping! 
Books will begin shipping December 1, 2020.

Meet our 2021 Tern the Page books:

January: Birds of Maine by Peter D. Vickery

During his last summer on Hog Island, the late Peter Vickery couldn't help but be enthusiastic about his new book project.  He prized the illustrations by Lars Jonsson and  was eager to finish this comprehensive overview of Maine's birdlife.  After his passing, however, Charles Duncan, William Sheehan and Jeff Wells finished Peter's book with a group of dedicated ornithologists.  Birds of Maine covers all 464 species recorded in the state.  It covers migration patterns, changes in bird abundance and distribution, and how the shifting climate is affecting Maine's birds. Sidebars will explore diverse topics like birding hotspots and ornithological history.  Our live Q&A will feature both Charles Duncan and Jeff Wells for a lively discussion of their friend's new book.  No matter if you've been to Maine or just dream of visiting, this book will paint a picture of what is going on with birds in Maine and is the perfect book to kick off our series.  Peter, Charles and Jeff have all three been instructors at Hog Island Audubon Camp and this book will have you ready for your next visit to the Pine Tree State.

February: The Home Place: Memoirs of a Colored Man's Love Affair with Nature by J. Drew Lanham

Drew Lanham shares this intimate look at his life and family in The Home Place.  He weaves history and nature into a thought-provoking work about growing up in South Carolina during the 1970s and finding joy in the same land that his ancestors once were enslaved to work.  This funny, heartbreaking and confidential tome is a memoir like no other.  Drew Lanham is a birder, naturalist and Alumni Distinguished Professor of Wildlife Ecology and Master Teacher at Clemson University. We are also proud that he has been an instructor at Hog Island's Migration & Monhegan camps.  Drew is a master storyteller and is sure to keep us both engaged and informed.  He will join us for a live Q&A where we are sure to both laugh and perhaps even cry.

March: The Nature Explorer's Sketchbook by Jean Mackay

Jean Mackay is the director of Hog Island Audubon Camp's Arts & Birding program.  Hog Island is the birthplace of The Nature Explorer's Sketchbook.  It is where Jean connected to a publisher and where for the past 6 years she has honed her talents as an art instructor.  Designed for all ages, The Nature Explorer's Sketchbook will help you discover with pencil, pen and paint the wonderful world of the natural landscape.  This book is beautifully illustrated by Jean and serves as an ideal to aspire towards.  It will provide countless tips and tricks to get started discovering the naturall world through art.  During our live "Meet the Author" event, Jean will walk us through an artist endeavor.  This book is sure to inspire you to get outside your comfort zone and get connected to birds and nature through artistic creativity.

April: A World on the Wing: The Global Odyssey of Migratory Birds by Scott Weidensaul

Scott Weidensaul takes us on a journey into the global world of bird migration.  The last time Scott wrote a book on bird migration we created a whole camp week around the idea of Living on the Wind, our fall migration camp session that visits the famous Monhegan Island.  This time around we are proud to end our 2021 book club with Scott's newest offering on bird migration!  Tern the Page members will also receive an autographed book plate by Scott included in the book.  Note: Due to the spring release, it will ship separately and closer to our last monthly club date.  Scott is the author of nearly thirty books, in addition to being a master bird bander, bird researcher and all-around naturalist.  Scott spends three weeks each summer teaching at Hog Island and is also the President of the Friends of Hog Island.  This book lands just as the birds begin to migrate back towards Hog Island.

Book Club Schedule

All book club meetings and author visits will take place over Zoom at 7pm Eastern Time.  Links will be provided closer to the program dates.

January 19: Birds of Maine book club meeting

January 26: Meet the Authors with Jeff Wells and Charles Duncan 

February 16: The Home Place book club meeting

February 23: Meet the Author with Drew Lanham

March 23: The Nature Explorer's Sketchbook book club meeting

March 30: Meet the Author with Jean Mackay, including an art demonstration workshop

April 20: A World on the Wing book club meeting

April 27: Meet the Author with Scott Weidensaul

Purchase the book club for $175* - includes shipping! 
Books will begin shipping December 1, 2020.
**Sales tax applies to ME, NY, and CA.

If you already have the book, please consider gifting the one sent to you and joining the lectures.
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Book Club Facilitators:

Eva Matthews LarkHog Island Program Manager

Lindsay McNamara, Hog Island Audubon Camp Alumna

Guest facilitator: 

Sue Schubel, Seabird Institute Researcher and Hog Island Instructor

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