Artists in Residence Alumni

The Hog Island Artist-in-Residence program unofficially started in 2014.  Each artist has provided some type of finished project to be donated to Hog Island Audubon Camp at the end of their term. Below is a list of all previous artists that have participated in the program:

Justine Lee Hirten, artist
Jim Rataczak, artist
Samantha DeFlitchwriter

Tim Gallagher, writer/photographer
Madison Mayfield, writer



Ralph Grady James, artist
Brendan Kiem, writer
Rosalie Haizlett, artist

Jennifer Anderson, artist
Mark Heddon, writer
Ingrid Erickson, artist

Rachel Dickinson, writer
Michael Boardman, artist
Dan Grenier, photographer
Judy Boyd, artist

Janet Ames, artist
Alex Dunn, writer
Kerry J. Thompson, artist
Sean Murtha, artist

Sherrie York, artist

Tom Schaefer, author
Rebecca Gilman, playwright

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Janet Ames: "It was a great gift of time. Time to be fully immersed in my drawing/painting/photography that gave me the opportunity to reflect on where I want to go with my art. I was able to experiment. Both the successes and failures were learning experiences. The environment was perfect for an artist that loves to work on subject matter in nature - especially birds. I left Hog Island with a renewed commitment to make art a larger part of my life. I have so many pieces in my head based on the experience - I'll be painting from my Hog Island experience for quite a long time. I hope many other artists get the opportunity to work there - I highly recommend it."

Alex Dunn: "I can’t express how incredible this experience was. The two weeks gave me time to first decompress, unpack my stresses and then move into writing. The space to set my own schedule, to attend [evening] talks/lectures (or not) at will was wonderful."

Kerry Thompson: "It has truly been an honor to be a part of such an amazing couple of weeks...To have a space to focus, away from interruption, is great and rare, especially in as beautiful an environment as this one. The the generosity and hospitality with which I was brought into the fold was unlike anything else."

Sean Murtha: "The Artist-in-Residence program at [Hog Island] was more than I expected. I enjoyed the solitude and quiet pace of the cottages as well as the daily interaction with the camp experience - I couldn’t ask for a better balance. I was instantly freed of the frenetic pace and distraction of regular life…. I feel like I have put down roots here and the work I did here will long inspire me. The intense focus on my work, direct in the environment, really enabled me to find “the sone” where inspiring things happen. I leave part of myself here and long for a time when I can return."

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