Audubon Chapter Leadership Program

This session is designed especially for active Chapter leaders within the Atlantic Flyway.

Audubon Chapter Leadership Program

Leigh Altadonna from the NAS board goes deep into the inter-tidal zone! Photo by Laura McCarthy, Grassroots Coordinator for NY state.

This session is designed especially for active Chapter leaders within the Atlantic Flyway, to build and deepen your expertise and ability to enhance Audubon's effectiveness at all levels and connect your Chapter to the Atlantic Flyway. 

Led by top-level State and National Audubon program staff and experienced Chapter staff and volunteers, participants will enjoy a combination of information-packed interactive workshops, special presentations, and lively discussions, as well as the traditional Maine boat cruises for puffins and other seabirds, island exploration, serenity and fine food that are hallmarks of the Hog Island Camp.

“In every way. I'm very impressed with the program. This was one of the best experiences I have ever had - I will be back.”  -Jill Palmer, Mecklenburg County Audubon

Daily sessions will include an in-depth focus on key Audubon conservation programs including beach and forest stewardship, tidal marsh protection and enhancement, IBAs, education and advocacy, as well as State-Chapter partnership opportunities, ideas for Chapter conservation projects, fundraising, leadership development and training. Take away great information, refreshed inspiration, and a strong connection with new friends and colleagues in the region!

2012 dates: August 26 - 31st

Prices include meals, housing, instruction and all boat trips. Participants must arrange transportation to and from the Audubon dock in Bremen at the start and end of the session (see directions page).

$750 twin bed in a shared double or triple room, shared bathroom
$900 single room, shared bathroom
$950 Osprey room, price per person (2) for room with double bed, private bath, ocean view
$1250 Helm Cabin, price per person (2) for private cabin with bathroom, double bed, porch, ocean view

A scholarship of $225 per person is available from National Audubon to registrantswith a matching payment from their local Chapter. Matching funds will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis upon receipt of a check and letter on chapter letterhead specifying that the funds are being used to pay for an attendee to the chapter leadership camp. Limit of 3 awards per chapter.

Visit the scholarship page for more information on how your Audubon Chapter can sponsor a camper and to download a printable registration form for sponsoring organizations.

Quotes from the 2011 program evaluations

"If you have the opportunity to attend a program at Hog Island I cannot recommend it highly enough. The place has a magic all its own. As a biologists I was worried that the programs may be dumbed down or boring but quite the contrary occurred. I was stimulated throughout the week and the staff made the material understandable to all people attending... By far the best "camp" food I have ever eaten. Really top notch...A truly inspirational week and the scenery is hard to beat on this coast. Thumbs way up!" -Tim McCoy, Onondaga Audubon

“I now understand why so many Audubon people describe their time on Hog Island as a trans-formative experience.  Learning more about the Atlantic Flyway Initiative and the enormous potential for Audubon's future on Hog Island was deeply inspiring and motivating. I was in the presence of conservation champions, both historical and current, and I feel I have joined a continuum of Hog Island people who are committed to conservation. I left with a great sense of support from the strength of the Audubon network - and I hope to return soon!" - 2011 Leadership camper

“I was impressed with the passion and commitment of all the people on the island during our session. I took many good ideas home to help improve our local chapter and hopefully to synchronize our local efforts with national and international efforts.”  Hans Paul, Birmingham Audubon

“This program brought new life to my goals and hopes for the chapter.  Hearing from other chapters and NAS about successes was very motivational... MANY things I can use for my chapter. Can't thank you enough.” - Ruth Bergstrom, Chesapeake Audubon

"The staff and instructors went out of their way to make our experience meaningful, infused with practical information and resources, so that we came away with the tools to act locally in our own chapters to improve them and move ahead with the agenda and new goals of NAS." - Sarah Michael, Audubon Miami Valley of Ohio

"All of the staff and presenters were absolutely wonderful. Presenters were knowledgable and well-prepared and responsive to any questions and concerns. This was an inspiring week in a beautiful location. The puffin project is an example of what a group of dedicated individuals with an inspired leader can accomplish in the face of difficult odds." - Cheryl Kilpatrick, Tulsa Audubon

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