Staff Bio: Kristi Bokros

Name: Kristi Bokros

Years working at Hog Island: 3 years

Nicknames: Ms. Kris, Kristi Bear, K-Bear, Muffin, Pastry Queen

Title: Sous Chef

Song of the Summer: everything by Sylvan Esso and Cold Love by Rainbow Kitten Surprise

Favorite Bird: Black-capped Chickadee

Favorite Camp Session: Migration & Monhegan and our Wedding Rental.  

What makes Hog Island special to you: That people come from around the country and are so passionate; it's infectious.

What's a typical day like on the island for you: I wake up at 4:30am and watch the sunrise. Then I cook breafast for 80 people.  Afterwards I nap and cross stitch until it's iced coffee time. Then I start baking for dinner. After dessert is served, I eat dinner on the back porch with the staff.  

What is something that you've learned by working at Hog Island:I've learned that even though it seems hard to bring groceries to an island, the extra effort makes it special when I'm cooking and baking with the ingredients.

Favorite place on the island: The north end of the island by Grace's Garden.

Favorite time of day: My favorite moment is watching the sunrise with coffee before anyone else wakes up.

Favorite island food: Cleo's lamb korma and fish tacos.

What's one thing you can't live without on the island: My ear plugs because I sleep above the coffee machine area and there is a constant hub of chatter that comes through the floors. 

Name one amazing or strange thing you seen on the island: After dreaming about a picnic table for the staff back porch one magically appeared on the deck.  Also, I once almost stepped on a porcupine while retrieving my laundry!

Kristi operating the Scow
Kristi and Julia in the Kitchen

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