Spotlight Interview: Tony Ferrara

Learn more about the newest island staff member - Tony Ferrara!

Title: Friends of Hog Island Volunteer Coordinator

Nicknames: Anc or Ancient

What year did you first come to Hog Island and in what capacity?

I first came to Hog Island in 2016 as a camper for the Raptor Rapture session

Favorite Bird:

That would have to be Steve, the osprey of Hog Island fame.

Favorite Camp Session of the Summer: 

Educators' Week was a dynamic and exciting week with lots of interesting campers of all ages. It was an extremely active camp, and the enthusiasm of the participants made it a very happy session.

What makes Hog Island special to you?

The setting, of course, and the birds - especially Steve and Rachel. But the history of the camp, its endurance through so many decades, and the people who helped rescue it when it was in danger of closing are all inspiring.

What’s a typical day like for you? (An example of your work/life day at Hog Island)

It's very meal-oriented, and making sure that the breakfast, lunch and dinner setup and cleanup runs smoothly is a big part of any day. But there's lots more to do, and it's not always predictable. I might be running a boat, helping a camper with an issue, or supervising the making up of rooms. But the best part of any day in interacting with the fine volunteers who come to Hog Island and give generously of their time and talent. I try to set aside some time each evening to socialize with the volunteers. Their energy, generosity, enthusiasm and good humor are contagious, and it's a great way to promote teamwork and friendship.

Do you have a favorite place on the island?

I have  several favorite places, but I especially enjoy watching the sunset from the staff dock.

What’s your favorite Hog Island kitchen meal/food?

Lobster night, of course!

What’s one thing you cannot live without on the island?

In a word: coffee.

Name one amazing or strange thing you’ve seen on the island.

I am always in awe of the fish deliveries to the osprey nest. One day a flounder escaped by flopping off the nest. We found it later on the ground, and I was surprised at how large it was. Flying with a fish of that weight must require tremendous energy.

Thanks Tony for all your answers.  We are very happy to have you part of the team on Hog Island!

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