New Artist-in-Residence Program

Launching in 2016


Nestled in the Todd Wildlife Sanctuary on 330-acre Hog Island in Bremen, Maine, the historic Bingham Cottages provide a unique rustic retreat for writers, artists, musicians, and filmmakers.

The Residency program operates under the auspices of Hog Island Audubon Camp.  Camp participants (primarily adult) travel to Hog Island from all over the world to enjoy hands-on nature discovery. We encourage artist residents to feel welcome in the camp community and to engage with campers during their time on the island.

While the Bingham Cottages Residency is open to artists in all disciplines and subject matter, we are particularly interested in facilitating artists whose work brings a broader appreciation of the natural environment, culture, and/or history of the coastal Maine ecosystem, or supports the mission of the Seabird Restoration Program to promote the conservation of seabirds and their critical habitats.

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