25th Anniversary of International Guillemot Appreciation Day

This year we celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Guillemot Appreciation Day!

Begun on Matinicus Rock by a handful of puffineers who felt that the neglected guillemot needed some special attention, it has now spread worldwide. IGAD highlights not only the Black Guillemot, but also the Pigeon and Spectacled Guillemots.  Guillemots are often overshadowed by their more colorful Puffin cousins but are intriguing and special in a magical way.  This year at the Project Puffin Visitor Center we will celebrate this anniversary with an art exhibit (concurrently with an exhibit celebrating the 80th year of the Hog Island Audubon Camp).  If you have Guillemot or Hog Island artworks (paintings or original prints) that you would like to exhibit (and have for sale) contact us!  The show will open June 1st so get out your paintbrushes or dig through your archives now.

If you don't have something to display, don't forget to put on your red shoes and kick up your heels on June 27th anyway!

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Black Guillemot Photo: Sue Schubel
Celebrating IGAD in 2013
Black Guillemot Photo: Scott Weidensaul
Hog Island campers celebrate IGAD! Photo: Scott Weidensaul
Scott Weidensaul joins the festivities.
Hog Island decorated for International Guillemot Appreciation Day
2015 IGAD Hog Island Crew Photo: Sara Morris

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