Coastal Maine Bird Studies for Teens

Observe Audubon’s seabird conservation field research in action.

All participants must agree to the COVID-19 Camp Guidelines - please read before registering.

Register for CMBS Session One:  June 11–16, 2023 - SOLD OUT - Waitlist

Register for CMBS Session Two: June 18–23, 2023 - SOLD OUT - Waitlist

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Designed for ages 14-17 only, this intensive 6-day, 5-night program on Hog Island allows enthusiastic young birders to work with some of the country's best-known birders and ornithologists on field identification, bird ecology and conservation. Occurring concurrently with the adult Field Ornithology and Hands-on Bird Science sessions, and sharing many of the same instructors, this program includes the unique opportunity to see Audubon's seabird restoration work in action, and is the only Hog Island program that lands participants on Eastern Egg Rock during the puffin breeding season (weather and sea conditions permitting).

"I just want to say that I can highly recommend this camp to everyone, especially to teens. It's a really inspirational week... Plus, the food is incredible." - Benjamin Van Doren, White Plains, NY

Price: $1690 for individual enrollment
 Registration cost includes all meals, housing, instruction and boat trips. Teens must arrange transportation to and from the Audubon dock in Bremen at the start and end of the session (see directions page). Participants can be picked up and dropped off at the Portland airport by Audubon staff for an additional fee of $100.  14 years olds CANNOT fly independently to camp (call if you have questions), must be able to be an independent minor on an aircraft to be picked up and dropped off. All participants needing a shuttle from the aiport must arrive by 1pm and all departing flights must start no earlier than 11:30am, drop-off will be at 9:30am at the airport. 

Coastal Maine Bird Studies is for teens ages 14 to 17 with an avid interest in birds. Limit of 16 participants per session. This program requires physical and emotional maturity. After reserving your place in the session, additional registration materials will be sent to applicants. Final acceptance in the program is contigent upon staff review of application materials, which include recommendation letters and a series of questions to be completed by the teen.

Prices include: Meals, housing, instruction and all boat trips. Participants must arrange transportation to and from the Audubon dock in Bremen at the start and end of the session (see directions page).  Check with your local Audubon chapter or bird club for scholarship availability. 

Wait list
If the session you prefer is sold out, it is a good idea to add your name to the wait list. There are usually a few cancellations, and the first people on the wait list are almost always able to enroll.  You can also email or call (207) 360-7733, for updates on the wait list status.

 Questions: For questions regarding the program, registration, lodging or meals, contact the Audubon Camp program director at or (207) 360-7733. Additional information about accommodations can be found on the lodging and frequently asked questions pages. For campers that are 14 years olds - due to airline restrictions you CANNOT fly independently to camp - call if you have questions.

Session 1 - June 11-16, 2023: 

Teen Leaders
Christian Hagenlocher2016 Big Year Birder and Educator, The Birding Project
Mik Oyler, Educator
Torri Withrow, Educator

Guest Lecturer
Anthony Hill,
Master Bird Bander
Eric SnyderFacilities Manager, Hog Island Audubon Camp
Eva Matthews LarkSenior Manager of Public Programs, Seabird Institute and Hog Island

Session 2 - June 18-23, 2023:

Teen Leaders
Joshua Potter, Naturalist
Emma Rhodes, Avaian Biologist and Master Bander; Founding Director of Banding Coalition of the Americas
Teodelina Martelli, Junior Instructor

Guest Lecturers
Anthony HillMaster Bird Bander
Scott WeidensaulAuthor and ornithologist - Session Two ONLY
Eric SnyderFacilities Manager, Hog Island Audubon Camp 
Eva Matthews LarkSenior Manager of Public Programs, Seabird Institute and Hog Island

Landing on Eastern Egg Rock Photo: Jean Hall
Walking through a tern colony is very loud. Photo: Jean Hall
Photo: Scott Weidensaul
Bird banding during Coastal Maine Bird Studies for Teens Week Two Photo: Jean Hall

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