Joy of Birding

Paul Winter Playing Saxophone
Paul Winter
June 7 to 12, 2015
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Hone your birding skills with some of America's top birders, including famed author Pete Dunne, while increasing your appreciation for music and birds with seven time Grammy(r) Award winner Paul Winter. 

Hog Island in June is home to nesting Bald Eagles, Ospreys and northern songbirds, such as Winter Wren, Northern Parula, Blackburnian, and Black-throated Green Warblers. Mainland trips will visit nearby birding hotspots that offer habitat for shorebirds, forest, and marsh birds. This session includes a trip around Eastern Egg Rock, home to Atlantic Puffins, Black Guillemots and Roseate, Common and Arctic Terns. 

Joy of Birding offers an inspiring and transformative experience that will improve your existing birding skills and inspire a greater appreciation of music. Our innovative approach to becoming a better birder will connect and engage both your left and right brain. This whole-brain experience will activate your senses while ultimately enhancing your appreciation and knowledge of birds.

Pete Dunne
Pete Dunne
Learn new methods to identify birds by sight, sound and behavior. This program includes special sessions that not only identify birds by their vocalizations, but will help you understand the language and messages of calls and songs. Our enthusiastic, engaging instructors will lead small-group field trips and informal instruction that will sharpen your birding skills.

In 2015, Joy of Birding will also include, Paul Winter's special program 'Adventures in SoundPlay', four lively sessions for anyone with an interest in music and nature. This program is designed to help awaken our senses to the aural tapestry of the natural world. No prior musical experience is necessary; Paul simply asks you to bring a musical instrument, whether you can play it or not. 'Adventures in SoundPlay' is based on the premise that all people have a well-spring of expression within them, and that this can be easily brought forth through a shared experience inspired by nature- especially the bird songs and calls of coastal Maine. Most of the 'SoundPlay' sessions will occur in the evenings and complement the daytime birding sessions. For more about 'SoundPlay', click HERE.

Our enthusiastic, engaging instructors, small-group field trips, and informal instruction will make you a far better birder. Read more about the difference between Joy of Birding, Breaking Into Birding, and Field Ornithology.

"Your program, staff, environs and heritage are an absolute TREASURE. Memories of the "Joy of Birding" week will live contentedly in my heart for a very long time. Thank you for caring about our wonderful world and it's future."- Rick, CAD programmer, Pennsylvania

Prices: Below are listed per person and include meals, housing, instruction, and all boat trips. Participants must arrange transportation to and from the Audubon dock in Bremen at the start and end of the session (see directions page). Check with your local Audubon chapter or bird club to see if scholarships are available.

Birders with Pete Dunne

$895 twin bed in the Queen Mary loft, 6 beds total, shared bathroom (women only)
 twin bed in a shared double or triple room, shared bathroom
$1095 Puffin Room in the Crow's Nest, 2 twin beds, private 1/2 bath
$1295 single room in Porthole Lodge, shared bathroom
$1245 Osprey Room, 2 twin beds, private full bath, ocean view (dbl occupancy)
$1245 Roseate Room, 2 twin beds, private full bath, ocean view (dbl occupancy)
$1495 The Helm cabin, private cabin with full bathroom, queen bed, deck, ocean view (dbl occupancy; option for three available)

"All mind-bogglingly wonderful! I had such a great time. I not only learned a lot, but it hit me for the first time, how much the birding leaders know: Weather, geology, geography, botany, entomology, predator-prey relationships........egad! I was frankly a little awed by being in the presence of such great leaders in the field. So impressive!" - Jan, occupational therapist, Connecticut

Questions: For questions regarding the program, registration, lodging or meals, contact the Audubon Camp registrar at or 607-257-7308, ext 2. Additional information about accommodations can be found on the lodging and frequently asked questions pages.

Please note that for these programs, there are NO prerequisites, and less experienced/enthusiastic spouses/friends are more than welcome to enroll in all sessions!

Chris LeweyDirectorRAVEN Interpretive Programs
John PumilioDirector of SustainabilityColgate University

2015 Instructors
Dr. Charles Duncan, Former DirectorManomet Shorebird Recovery Project
Pete Dunne, Author
Angelika NelsonCurator at Borror Lab of BioacousticsOhio State University
Pete SalmansohnEducation CoordinatorSeabird Restoration Program
Paul Winter, Composer, Paul Winter Music

Additional instructors to be announced.

Read Pete Dunne's account of Hog Island: Birder At Large: Back to the Source - Birder's World article 

Guest Lecturer
Stephen KressDirectorSeabird Restoration Program

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