Lessons on Harbor Island

Full and partial scholarships to attend Hog Island programs may be available from your local Audubon chapter, bird club, school or other sponsoring institution. Some scholarship offerings are listed below, though many other organizations may offer scholarships if you ask. You can find your local Audubon Chapter by entering your zip code here.

If you are unsure you will be awarded a full scholarship from a sponsoring group, you may want to reserve your place (with the $100 deposit) and then piece together funding from various sources. If you are later awarded a full scholarship by a group that has also paid the deposit, you will be refunded your deposit.

Current Scholarship Listings

All Programs
  Funds available for many applicants.  Recipients are required to publicly share their Hog Island experience upon their return.
Award:  Most are $495
To Apply: Fill out and return the downloadable scholarship application.  
For more information:  Call us at 607-257-7308, ext. 2, or email

Sharing Nature: An Educators Week

Ethnically-diverse teachers and educators
Eligibility: In line with stated national priorities, the National Audubon Society is seeking ethnically diverse teachers to apply for scholarships to our educator's program in July.  See flyer for more information.
To Apply: Follow guidelines on flyer
For more information: Call Sharing Nature program director Pete Salmansohn at 845-661-1552 or email

Sponsor: Genesee Valley Audubon
Teachers in Monroe and Wayne County areas of NY
Apply by email:
Deadline: February 15, 2015
For more information: June Summers @ above email

Sponsor: Bartramian Audubon Society
 Teachers in Butler, Lawrence, Mercer, or Venango Counties of Pennsylvania
How to apply:
Bartramian Audubon Society website
February 28, 2015
For more information: 
Becky Lubold, Education Chair (

Audubon Chapter Leadership Program (not available in 2015)
Eligibility: Matching funds are available for any chapter that sponsors a participant for at least $225.
Award: $225
To Apply: Enroll in this program, afterwhich the chapter must provide letter documentation of their sponsorship along with the funds.
For more information: Call us at 607-257-7308, ext. 2, or email

As we learn of Audubon Chapters and other groups offering scholarships, they will be added to the list.


Is your organization interested in sponsoring a camper?  See the page on sponsoring a camper for information on reserving places in our programs for scholarships recipients. 

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